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How long before cab arrives?

Normally, about ten minutes. Peak times (1st and 3rd days of the month) during heavy rain or local events that affect traffic may make for a longer wait.

Can the dispatcher estimate when it will arrive?

Our friendly Dispatchers can estimate arrival times, but its more of an "art" than science as factors beyond their control are also at play.

 Can I get an estimate of what my fare will be?

All estimates are approximate only. Having both the pickup and drop off address aids accuracy.

Will I be victimized by surge pricing during peak periods like Uber and Lyft?

No, our rates are the same 24/7, peak periods, or not.

Is advance reservation necessary?


Can I reserve a taxi?

Yes, for later that day, next day, next week or months in advance.

Is it better for me to hail a cab or to call Yellow Cab?

Better to hail if the cab is parked, otherwise better to call because cabs already driving to a customer cannot stop to pick up a "hail."

How many passengers can ride in one taxi?

Up to Four passengers can ride for the same price as one.

Can I use a motorized wheelchair?

Yes, if our wheelchair accessible taxi is available.

Does it cost more for wheelchair riders?

No, everyone pays the same low Yellow Cab rates. Up to four Attendants or friends can ride with you for no extra charge. 

Do you track your taxis?

Yes, using standard GPS technology.

Do you have a lost & found?

No. Passengers should not leave anything behind. Taxis are "public places" like railroad stations and malls; everything left behind is likely lost forever. Call immediately; if you left something in the cab, and we will have the driver search for it. If found, he may opt to bring it to you or leave the item at the office for you to pick up. Unclaimed items will be disposed of after a week.

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