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Open 24/7 | The smartest way to ride in Hemet San Jacinto Menifee and surrounding areas

You are losing business. Missing the Big $ale because customers know not who you are.

Only Advertising can fix that.

Locals stop to watch Ads on our Cabs.

Shouldn't it be YOUR business they see?

Buy 28 days, get another 28 days FREE!*


Time slots are limted to 10 per 28 day period.

Offer may end without notice.

Click "Shop Now" link to TaxiTopAds.biz to buy or drop off images. You can also drop off images and video using the DropBox button below.

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Taxi Top Ads deliver the mass branding of a billboard where billboards cannot go.

Unlike Billboards limited to highways outside of city limits, our dual sided signs are watched where people live, work and shop.

While TaxiTop signs can't be read when they zoom by, most of the time cabs are in slow traffic, waiting at red lights or cruising through shopping areas looking for customers. Signs are read when picking up, dropping off and waiting for customers. One lady saw the ad for her church so often she returned to the fold.

Taxi Top Advertising is cost effective, a fraction of the cost of billboards.

Limited Time Offer!


FREE First Commercial Creation.

Pay $995 for 28 days, GET another 28 days FREE!*

First commercial produced for FREE!

Call me "Al" (951) 282-9159. I'm your "Creative". I will do ALL the work. You can RELAX.

Read on:


Traditional Marketing is failing local business.

Seniors read Newspapers and magazines, do you? How about people you know? Not many I bet.

Nor can we count on TV. Thousands of folks left cable for Hulu, YouTube, Satellite etc.

Where can we advertise to reach local eyeballs?

BILLBOARDS are the only thing YOU KNOW locals still see --- but cost between $500 to $1,500 or more.

Introducing a LOW COST Solution:

TaxiTop signs, the low-cost Billboard read by local eyeballs.

No contracts, end anytime!

Advertise on every cab with a sign, that's 6 double sided Billboards, for only $995!

You can't lose!

YOUR first AD is produced FREE!

Pay for 28 days, get another 28 days FREE!*

Call NOW before Quota is met.!

[Why the 10 advertiser limit? We want everyone's 30 second commercial to play at least once every Five minutes, 12 times per hour. So commercials cost about 3 cents per impression, 5 cents if fleet suffers unusual downtime of 50%.

On a typical day 6 sign cabs run days (12x6=72) and three nights (3x12=36). 108x7 days = 756. Two more cabs run Friday and Saturday nights, adding 12x2x2=48 + 756 = 804 per week. Times four weeks = 3,216 hours. Cabs run non stop when busy, half the time when slow for an average downtime of 25%. Therefore, in a 28 day period cabs run 3,216 - 804 (25%) = 2,412 hours. Each 30 second spot runs 12 times an hour so in 28 days 12 x 2412 = 28,944 impressions or $995/28,944 = .0344 cents per impression. If down time is abnormally high at 50%, then its 3,216/2 = 1,608x12 = 19,296. $995/19,296 = .052 cents per impression.]

Read on please:

"Your wife is not hot!" the Billboard screamed.

You are highly offended BUT feel compelled to read more:

"Because Acme Air installed air conditioning in her home!"

Totally Unexpected! NOW you can't forget "Acme Air".

Who will you call to buy AC?

"Acme Air", you will make the effort to find their number.

Taxi-Top Signs are better than Billboards:

1. Locals see our signs everywhere they live, work and play, not just on a highway far from city limits.

2. O
ur Ads "move". God hard-wired us to notice movement. For example, insects are invisible until they move. Text that doesn't move is often invisible. Ignored. Hence the movement at the beginning of this Midas commercial, it causing everyone to notice:
Midas is wise, the alignment special facilitates tracking,
when customers request it, its obvious they saw Midas' Taxi Top Ad.

3. A picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, selling your product using pictures and video is persuasive times 1000.

Our Taxi Drivers say people stop to watch commercials play.

Shouldn't they be watching YOUR commercial?

We use POWTOONS© VIDEOSCRIBE© and other software to create the video you want.

NOW is the Time, Get off the couch.

Get the phone and call Al, now:

Call (951) 282-9159

It is Time YOU WIN!

*(Applies only to first purchase.)