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During our "Grand Opening" for a limited time only, any ad placed on one cab appears on all sign cabs!

Normally each additional cab would cost $75 dollars and to appear on the 24 hour cab would be $25 more. So NOW is the time to more than DOUBLE  your money!

Where else can you get that deal? Newspapers, magazines, cable TV? Not on your life! 

A Wise Man once said: "if spending $1 with you makes me $5, I'll spend that all day long!"

While you could reuse old tired Yellow Page or Business card images, why not take advantage of this exciting New Medium?

God "hardwired" humans to focus on whatever moves into view. That's our window to get them buying from you.

If a video creates desire for your product or service, your sales will balloon!

DropBox your commercial and give me a call. We'll get it showing as soon as possible.

Not sure what will be an effective ad? We can brainstorm that together, just give me a call (Al, 951.282.9159).

Need us to add text to your video or picture show? I'll do it for only $25.

Use the "DropBox" button to download your pictures and video, and text you want in your ad.

This special offer to double your advertisement dollar can't last. Its for a limited time only, therefore, now is the time to act. Don't miss out on this great deal!

After the special introductory rate is over, the following pricing will apply.


Only $ 75 per cab.

Easy and inexpensive! 

Create your own 30 second mp4 video commercial and click Drop Photos/Videos here below. Then click Shop Now button to choose your advertising plan. Its that easy.

Or let us create the commercial to show on our signs. We make a 30 second Powtoon or VideoScribe ad using your images, video and message.

Send your jpg picture or video using the Drop Photos/Videos here  button below and call (951-282-9159) so we can establish what you want in your ad.

The backround image could be a picture (jpg) of your business location, work vehicle, or a person. Or make a video (mp4 etc.) with your smartphone. 

Or hire us to make it using PowToons or Video Scribe. Send the jpg images and slogans you want in the commercial. Click  Shop Now for pricing.

Then your commercial will play for 30 seconds as part of an endless loop.

To illustrate, suppose there are 10 commercials in the loop. Every 30 second commercial plays every 5 minutes, wherever the cab goes.* 

Want more exposure? At Shop Now increase the quantity for each item. Its $75 additional for each 30 second ad, or additional cab. $300 puts your ad on every cab with a sign. That virtually gurantees 24/7 covereage.* 


TaxiTop Ads, the most cost effective OOH (Out of Home) Adverstising you can buy!

Only $75 per cab!

Our Taxi Top Signs are

State of the Art!

Superior LED Resolution, P2.5mm, 160000 dots/sqm

(951) 282-9159

  •  *Most of our fleet runs daytime only, with extended hours on Friday and Saturday nights. Two cabs with signs run 24/7. Accidents, repair, normal fleet maintence affecting limiting time of sign operation is already compensated for in our low low price.

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